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Thread: Schmidt and Bender 6 x 42 Box - long shot

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    Schmidt and Bender 6 x 42 Box - long shot

    Hi Guys,
    Bit of a long shot but I'm after a Schmidt and Bender Scope 6 x 42 box.

    I've recently bought the scope (thanks Jay) but without a box. All my other scopes have boxes and this is how i'd like to keep it.

    Can anyone help?


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    Got one but it is for a variable zoom...

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    Bugger - thanks for looking.

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    hello mate have you tried S/B them self they sent me all the bits i needed for a set of Bino's i bought,,,Box manual warranty card and the strap,,,,try them mate you never know until you ask.

    I have guns because i love shooting, what i hate is red tape and been screwed by a Dishonest Government.

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    Magic - binoculars made by Schmidt&Bender

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    From thier website... "Scopes are all we make. We don't make binoculars, or cameras, or crystal, or "amateur" optics, or anything else that would distract us from our commitment to the hunter and shooter."

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