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    New Toy

    Yesterday I walked into the trading post and they has just gotten in a Thompson/Center Contender handgun in .222 Remington with a 14" barrel. It had a Lyman "All American" centefire rifle scope (short eye relief) on board and was used, I'm guessing, to prop against the window of a pickup truck for shooting coyotes. I couldn't resist slapping a deposit on it to hold it until payday. It came with an accessory carbine stock but Federal Law prohibits the use of this stock with a barrel less than 16" so it will be put away for use with a rifle barrel. I have the same gun in .22 Hornet and used barrels are plentiful and inexpensive. Years ago I had quite a few barrels in different calibers but my favorite coyote and rabbit barrel was a .256 Winchester Magnum. (.357 magnum necked to .25 cal) With a 60 grain bullet at about 2600+ fps is was mean medicine...~Muir

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    Lets see a pic please.

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    As soon as I pick it up I will. With some skinny groups, I hope!~Muir

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    Your a very sad person Muir .................................... very sad indeed.

    The scope sounds interesting though .

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    Yeah. I'm trying to get better but it's not working.

    The scope is a nice one tho a bit scuffy. It will go on a worthy rifle in the end.

    I spent a boat load of the Ex wife's money yesterday. I got my like-new 88 Toyota's CV joint boots replaced, bought a Brazilian M1908 Mauser (D.W.M.) in 7x57, a vintage Hagstrom guitar, and then this pistol. I am a very sick man.~Muir

    This is the Brazilian gun. Scruffy but with a VG-excellent bore. Something to toss those 175 grain RN bullets through.

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    Go on rub it in I feel for you one the car bits.. Mine has just cost a tad over 300 for new rear brakes (Discs (Rotors) and pads plus one new caliper) damn GM sure know how to price up bits. We had to go after market as don't qualify for a mortgage. Oh yes it needed two brake lines replacing due to rot and got the oil in the gearbox and transfer case changed. Got the new years ticket on it now.

    You know I like those DWM's.... rather well made they are. As I don't have any rythem I never managed to learn to play an instrument.. Oh they tried but failed... I brought a Kay SG copy when I was about 15 and tried to learn but was all fingers and thumbs.. Swopped it for a 1958 Ford 100E Prefect a few years later.

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    Cars are a necessary evil here. You die without one. My 05 Jeep Turbo Diesel needed brakes last fall. $845 US to have it done at the dealer. An exhaust Gas Recirculating Valve was another $805. I didn't walk straight for a month!

    I also like DWM's. The rifles are very inexpensive but often with rusty barrels or rusty fittings. This one is in nice shape. It should be here next Friday. I am not much of a guitarist but I had a Hagstrom electric in highschool, as did my guitar instructor, and it was a joy to play. They are scarce in the US (Swedish made) and finding one -in mint condition with the hard case- in a pawn shop was a real thrill. If only my arthritis would ease up a bit! I cranked up the amp and played til my hands cramped this morning. No matter, the police banging on the front door interrupted me anyhow....~Muir

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    Sadly one cannot do without a car here either. Maybe not as remote as you but there is nothing close.

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