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    noticed that the moonshiners(program on discovery)sprayed themselves with listerene mouth wash to keep the insects off ,anyone tried it .its the bog standard one not the flavoured type by the way.

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    I rub exposed areas with sugar... rots thier teeth.

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    The old favourite's Avon Skin so soft, not tried listerine tho

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    New one on me!
    If you do not like the DEET type repellants, a local favourite is 'Avon skin so soft' believe it or not works well against the midge. And helps keeping you young with skin like a babys arse!

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    Funnily enough, I've just had an E Mail from a friend in the States telling me about that too.
    Apparently Listerene decanted into spray bottles work out a lot cheaper than the proprietory brands on the market and work as well, if not better.

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    WARNING... Deet melts steering wheels!!

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    and synthetic stocks

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    I've always had problems finding something that worked and a head net is the only really effective thing. However, last year I gave a product called Smidge a try and found that it worked very well indeed to stop the midges biting. However, what it didn't do was stop them from landing and I think for most people the real annoyance is having the midges crawl all over them. So, if the actual bites are what really bugs you, as opposed to just having the midges crawl on you, then Smidge is well worth a try. It seems to be a Scottish thing but is available lots of places in the Highlands.

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    so does the mouth wash keep them away

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    Don't bathe in listerine. It stings. Mistook it for Radox once in the dark and tingled for the next 24 hours. Nasty.

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