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Thread: Thanks to Jelen; course this weekend

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    Thumbs up Thanks to Jelen; course this weekend

    Thank you to Dave, Mike, Simon and all the guys at Jelen for the course this weekend (the Stockbridge one). It was great to meet you all and I recommend the course to everyone; it gave me great confidence in passing (fingers crossed) all areas of the course and I'm sure I will see you again in the future.

    It was great to meet everyone on the course; say hello on here so we can all see who is who.

    Thanks again,

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    Hi I would also like to thank all the guys and girl at Jelen for this weekend of training.Great team with a good sense of humor(Mike thought all 13 of us where called Roy).

    Jack and I would like to wish all the lads on the course the best of luck and thank you all for being such a friendly bunch.

    Regards Tony

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    Hi All,
    I too was on the course. I was very well run by all at Jelen and I can see how they have earnt their excellent reputation.

    A great few days and hope to meet up again one day.

    Thanks for the lifts Oli!


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    Evening Chaps,
    It was indeed a superbly run course.
    The level of intensity may not suit all but Jelen have a well proven model which they deliver in a slick and professional manner.
    Their high pass rates are true testament to the professional way the course is delivered.

    Thank you all at Jelen and it was good to meet some new faces over the weekend.

    See you in October Dave/Mike for that stalk we talked about

    Cheers and here's to all of us passing,


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    Well done lads you all worked extremely hard it was a pleasure to meet you all.

    All the Best

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    Hi guys,

    It was a real pleasure to instruct such a great group of people. As with all the courses we run, we end up making new friends, and you guys are no exception. I hope we keep in touch with you long into the future.

    I was impressed with the level of knowledge that you all demonstrated, which shows us that you were all very much committed to passing your DSCL1 long before you arrived at the lecture centre.

    I would like to thank you all very much for choosing Jelen to deliver your DSCL1 training, and also a huge thank you to our instructor team who - as always - work so tirelessly to ensure the course runs smoothly, and to offer 1:1 instruction whenever its required.

    Finally, but not least to Peter Pursglove (BASC Assessor) who always runs a pain-free assessment process.

    Best regards, and hope to see you all again soon.

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Home | Jelen Deer Services

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    A big thanks to Mike, Dave, Malcolm, and all the rest of the Jelen team, for the great weekend, also to all the guys on the course it was great to speak to you all, and hope to meet up with some of you again.

    Oh Mike you cost me another wedge of cash, my Mrs really likes the name Roy, so i've now got to change it by deed poll.

    Cheers Bob (Roy)

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    Nice one......Roy

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    I was so shredded by the intensity and the amount of laughing I had to go to bed when I got home Sunday. It was a laugh a minute, apart from when I frustrated myself by being an idiot - Mike (rightly) nearly took his belt to me at one point.....

    Even the stories from the gents in the landrover were great on the way to the range.

    Can't recommend Jelen highly enough, especially when they provide venison for lunch....

    Met a lot of great blokes too.


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    Got my certificate through in today's post

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