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Thread: Early Morning with stalkinginengland

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    Early Morning with stalkinginengland

    To my wife’s disbelieve my alarm went off at 3.30am Sat morning as I have to meet Robert Alden from stalkinginengland at 4.30am to try for my first deer. I have been going out on the estate for a while counting deer with Robert and he has been teaching me which areas of the land are safe to shoot and what cull animals I should be looking at. We arrive at the estate at 5.00am and Robert takes me to my high seat and wishes me luck, then moves to my left to another high seat further round. I climbed up into my high seat and put my bins and my mobile phone (on silent of course) on the seat to my right. I take my first look forward and can’t believe my eyes because standing there in front about 40yrds out are 5 Red hinds. At first I couldn’t move or breath for fear of scaring them, then suddenly realised I hadn’t even chambered a round yet. I pulled the bolt back and picked up a round and as I pushed the bolt forward I put my finger in the breach and guided the nose of the bullet into the middle of the chamber. I looked up and the deer hadn’t moved, next I had to pop up my scope covers and this made more noise than the bolt, the lead hind moved to the front of the group and looked around, but still they didn’t move. I selected a hind in the middle of the group and took my shot and to my disbelieve they just walked off into the woods. Robert came round to have a look but because it was still early we decided not to disturb the woods and look with bin’s, nothing. I went back to my high seat thinking the worst I had wounded her and she had walked off deep into the woods to die or missed completely. After an hour Robert texted to say he was coming back so I unloaded and went the have a look for any signs of blood or signs of a miss (ground strike) etc. When Robert arrived we decided to have a thorough search of the woods and to my relieve we found her not more than 25yrds in, heart and lung shot, happy days.
    I would like to thank Mark Howard and his team at Stalkinginengland especially Robert for helping me over the past few months since I got my section 1 and with very helpful advice when choosing a rifle and scope.
    I would thoroughly recommend stakinginengland to cater for your stalking needs, and also add they have a cottage for you to stay in on the estate with secure storage for your rifle.

    Adrian Hey
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    Nice write up. Hopefully the first of many eh.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    nice one, well done

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    no problem dude it was a pleasure!

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    well done, great report, excellent start. Tam

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    well done lads, one of them illusive red hinds.
    Is rob still shuffling ?? (private joke).

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    Well done for your first, great write up

    ATB Andy

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    oh yes but im not the only one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob keeper View Post
    oh yes but im not the only one?
    so does that mean "everybodies shuffling"???

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