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Thread: ford maverick power

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    ford maverick power

    hi peeps

    my auld jeep was never a go like bugggery machine but just seems so bloody pithless wondering if they can actually run as a standard 2.7 if the turbo fails for some reason ? or just gonna stop completley?

    everything runs well just no power when you put the foot down just slugs sure it should be better than it is

    maybe "airflowmeter" failure? if so easy enuff to replace etc??

    any help welcomed


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    Sounds like the turbo.
    First and easiest thing, check the pipe from the turbo for loose connections or splits.

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    I had the same (temporary) problem with my Jeep Cherokee when i first bought it, the turbo stopped kicking in.
    The garage said after you have been on a journey before you switch off let the engine idle for 30secs, it did the trick.
    Now i am no mechanic but he said it lets the turbo drain and slowly stop spinning?
    I dont care, it worked.

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    Intercooler clogged up with EGR? Fuel or air filter?

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    Couple of common faults on these Paul, there is a forum dedicated to Mavericks have a look on there you will probably find the answer.

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    I had one of these and had a similar problem that turned out to be a tiny mini fuel filter which was clogged and simply needed removing and cleaning.......try this

    Disconnect & remove the battery & then slacken & swing the power steering pump out of the way to access the injector pump.
    Undo the large banjo bolt at the fuel inlet on top of the pump & carefully recover the bolt, banjo & TWO copper washers (one above & one below the banjo).
    Be aware that there should be a spring that'll now jump out at you. Remove this & then fish about in the hole the spring came out of to find the mini filter - it's a small conical gauze item. It's easiest to use a hooked piece of thin, stiff wire or similar.
    The little gauze filter may look fine, but it will almost certainly be clogged: Either leave it & the spring out altogether or clean it in petrol with a toothbrush & replace it.
    Reassemble the banjo, re tighten the PAS pump & refit the battery.

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