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Thread: Work for shooting

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    Work for shooting

    Hi folks,

    i am young and willing to do work in return for some shooting.

    I live near inverness and am looking for any kind of shooting,rabbits,foxes,pigeons,deer etc.

    I am happy to help out with lambing,pest control,feeding pheasents, basically anything.

    If you have anything available please contact me.

    I would also be interested in any syndicates that may be available.

    Many thanks


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    Fair do's Ally

    Hope you get lucky on here
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Good idea,
    I would rather employ a shooter to do a job than a stranger,
    I think a swap for shooting is a great idea.

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    Thanks folks,

    hopefully something will come from this add.

    I am also a fisher and am more than willing to offer free guided salmon fishing in return for some shooting experiance.

    I amn't after something for nothing, am willing to give quality fishing or any kind of help to anyone willing to help me out.



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    How far do you want to travel?

    We are in the process of building some huge pheasant pens on an estate near Dundee at the moment.

    Could sort you out with some Roe/Fallow stalking near Perth or Pheasant Shooting during the season in exchange?


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    Just noticed you have fishing as well, where do you fish?


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    Pm sent da

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