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Thread: Poacher?

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    About 6 weeks ago I found a red hind foreleg in my woodland about 250 yards from an adjacent farm. I also found a four post section of rabbit netting unclipped from the fence and flattened.

    It's funny how your instincts are always right, deer movement had changed, much more nocturnal and easily spooked. The odd unusual human footprint, I just put it down to winter inappetance but I did think it was odd.

    I kept a close eye on the place, spoke to local 'keepers who I knew occasionally shot deer next door, no issues there.

    Friday night walking the dog with the missus and spotted a bloke with a rifle heading back to a pick-up in the next door farmyard, he walked quickly away, completely ignoring me. I then spoke to the farm tenant, who told me the guy was legit, and had the famers permission to shoot the odd marauder!

    Trouble is land is 200 acres of flat fields with my wood as a backstop! Farmer is supposed to contact me with details of anyone shooting as he needs the backstop. I suspect this yahoo has seen deer beyond the fence and it's been too tempting.

    Got my eye on him reg, known address and employer.


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    If youve got all that youve got his name so why not speak to him?
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Could be a dangerous situation for you .......stray bullet / shot etc careful

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    You could also tell this farmer that you suspect that this man is poaching on your land, explaining that he almost ran away when he saw you, foot prints etc. Better to warn this man off now before it turns nasty. Trail cam even if you have to?

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    I tried PH1, I will try again, but actually I don't have his name, branded vehicle and street only.

    Strange though, my first inclination if I meet a neighbour or other party is to engage them - not walk briskly away - guilty conscience?

    If someone shoots a deer next door and it re-enters the adjacent land before expring the custom here is to inform the adjacent owner/stalker/keeper and don't let it happen too often.

    I am more worried about the backstop issue......

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    In my novice opinion I would think the "other farmer" who needs your wood as backstop should not have clearance on his land for any firearm. A wood is not an appropriate backstop in my opinion as you or anyone else could be walking just yards in but undetectable. I get you don't want to rustle any feathers but I just would not put up with anyone shooting into my land and putting me at risk. If the agreement is he call to ask if ok too shoot and this has been broken I would end the agreement forthwith. I have ground where I have to text my intention to shoot and either get an ok or not. I would never just go even if I received no response. No ok no shooting full stop. I would jump on this guy.

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    using your wood as a backstop !!!!!!

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    Jesus christ!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you have the details as the op describes why on earth would you not aproach the man who may not have just come off Judge Judy or Jeremy bloody Springer and infact be a descent bloke who through talking to not only ends any possible conflict of interest but may well turn out to be a descent bloke...

    This forums full of bloody Drama Queens
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalkerboydy View Post
    using your wood as a backstop !!!!!!
    That's what I thought

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    Got to agree with PS1 No one needs to worry about a back stops they can be worked round high seat etc. The chap probably look at you hern and thought that's a dodgy character i am keeping well back from him lol.

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