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Thread: Whelping box bedding

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    Whelping box bedding

    My dog is due next week so was just wondering what all you good forum people use as bedding for your whelping box.
    Still straw?
    Thanks in advance

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    I use vetbed. Stays dry on the top, washes in the washing machine easily and dries very quickly. As they get older half newspaper half vetbed. I also prefer the vetbed with the rubber bottom, personal preference!

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    Don't use anything that would stick to a wet puppy. Vetbed or newspaper at a push/

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    we whelp on newspaper then use vetbedding over paper , we only put the vetbed in 2/3 of the whelping box so that the pups have acess to a paper area

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    Vet bed also half and half 6 bits change daily at first then twice daily when they get plder.

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    news paper first 3 weeks then wood shaveings easyer to scoop out and less mess

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    Dust free shavings, but they will get carried around on the bitch.

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    Newspaper is the easiest

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    Vetbed every time for me when pups get bigger and wetter put some dried paper horse bedding under vet bed although I have access to all shavings I want i would not use then as dust or small flakes of wood near a pups eye is bad news if you cannot find dried paper use newspapers as others have said.

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    vet bedding then go to soft paper bedding works every time

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