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Thread: 223, tikka lite or steyr scout

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    223, tikka lite or steyr scout

    I have just had a 223 put on my ticket and was looking for some opinions.
    I am after a 223 for foxing, it will mostly be used with a night vision on the scope mainly from a static position in a baited area or from the 4x4 using the night vision or lamp.
    I am looking for something with a shortish barrel because this will make life easier shooting from the truck.
    I have looked at and also used a mates tikka lite and found it a nice rifle to shoot and am seriously considering this one.
    I have also seen advertised a steyr scout, i did have a look at one of these a few months ago and liked it but can't remember the weight of it compared to the tikka lite. No gun shops locally have one of these in stock for me to compare them next to each other, I do like the idea of the built in bi pod and magazine holder, but is that all you are paying the extra for?
    Also what are the triggers like on the steyr?
    Do you think I should go for the tikka lite or the steyr scout?

    Opinions or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as long as it has a synthetic stock.

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    Try both and it is down to personnel preference. I have two styers (pro hunters) 6.5 and 243 today on a range day at 100 had three bullet touching group from both with RWS (i have witnesses for the doubters). Each rifle has its fans your best trying both IMHO shame your so far away you could have tried my pro hunters if you were closer.

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    I have just bought myself a Tikka Lite so obviously this is what I recommend but besides that, the trigger is excellent and here is a picture of the grouping at 109 yards after I've just broken in the barrel!, Hope this helps.

    Kindest regards

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    Sportsman's should have both to compare side by side.

    I used to own the Scout in 223, I would say that you've got to like the concept or it's not really worth it: it's more expensive, it's hard to customise: you couldn't chop back the barrel or change the stock for instance. That said, it does have a built in bipod and a spare mag in the butt, the safety is nicely positioned, there's the Safe Bolt System (SBS), you can positively lock bolt / block firing pin (extra safe), other than that, you can put a forward mounted intermediate eye relief scope or in your case, you could probably have a night vision attached to the front of your scope via the scope rail (bear in mind it is Weaver not picatinny unless you go with the Elite scout which is flippin heavy!)

    It's worth trying the Scout as it's not to everyone's taste, the bolt is a tad stiff especially out of the box and the bipod quite high and a bit bendy and clicks loudly on deploy.

    On the other hand, AFAIK the Tikka is similar in weight, but you could ditch the stock, change the bolt knob have a bigger magazine or go with an AICS based mag / bottom metal etc
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    Thanks for your thoughts so far.
    After speaking to a couple of people the question; practical or tactical springs to mind when comparing both these rifles.
    When you look at the specs, there's nothing in it when comparing the weight, but the steyr scout is 10cm shorter in overall length, I am thinking this may be better for in the truck.

    What are the triggers like on the steyr scout riffles?

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    Steyr trigger is excellent...

    One thing to bear in mind when comparing lengths is the barrel lengths: Scout is 19" / 38.6"; T3 is 20" (factory threaded) / 40 3/16" - so not a lot in it and you could easily shorten the T3 to the same or shorter than the Scout.

    Another thing is the action lengths: the T3 is actually 30-06 length action with the a bolt stop set for the 308, whereas the Scout in 223 is properly short (shorter than the 308 version), so a shorter action and shorter bolt throw.

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    I have a Tikka Lite (25-06) and also a Steyr Scout (.308).

    Mat's pretty much covered the points with the Steyr, the mag stowage is nice but the bipod has a loud click and can be bouncy when set on a hard surface to take a shot, this may not be as bad with the 223 as it is with a 308, with a mod fitted it does seem to bounce less. I have bought a stud adapter for the underside rail and fitted a Harris bipod. I like the Scout a lot but I find the Tikka is easier to carry over the shoulder but if you are shooting from a truck you may find the flatter underside of the Steyr better for resting on window bags etc.

    On the Steyr the top rail is quite long and I had to use quite high scope mounts to get the clearance needed for the Leupold 50mm scope. This led to me needing to buy the adjustable cheek peice that is fitted as standard to the Elite so I could get the right cheek weld. But in the end I think the adjustable cheek piece would have made it a better fit even with a smaller scope.

    I now use my Steyr just for the range and use the Tikka for everything else.

    A pat on the back is often just a recce for the knife.

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    I have always hated the TIKKA T3's and I have slagged them to death (having cut my stalking teeth with my then mentors lovely old .243 TIKKA 595 master continental) but when the opportunity arose to buy a T3 lite stainless in .222 with a PES T12 mod and nice glass for an absolute song and as I was looking for a cheap'ish .222 I jumped at the chance, I must admit it was with a view to keeping the scope and mod and if I didn't get on with the rifle, selling it on..................
    Well although good, the very heavy PES T12 and DOCTOR scope have now moved on, but I still have the T3 and it is a cracking tool I have eaten an almighty helping of humble pie since actually owning one and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone!!

    (The only thing I have done to mine is add the cheek-piece from a T3 varmint just to raise the comb slightly, but then I am using a whacking great huge scope so..........!!)
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    The Tikka T3 without a doubt in my opinion.

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