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Thread: Light and accurate custom

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    Light and accurate custom

    My friend was due a new meat getter. He was interested in a reliable, light weight, quick handling, weatherproof, accurate and flat shooting rifle.

    Decision was made to have Roedale Precision in Germany build the rifle, he advised to go for a howa action and use a not too light weight fluted barrel. If weight is an issue "rather chop an inch or two off the barrel instead of going thinner" I think is what Pete mentioned. We chose to use a Lothar Walther fluted heavy magnum profile match barrel in 270WSM at 22" length. To shave a bit of weight off, the bolt was fluted and a two piece rail was mounted. In the meantime I was working on an ultra light but also ultra stong and very stiff stock. We experimented with new materials, for example we blended a lightweight carbon fiber bedding material that was based on the same resin as the stock was made of.
    With all these small details we ended up with the stock weighing 812grams, that is duracoated, buttpad, studs fitted and bedded.

    The bedding job.

    After receiving the rifle my friend stuck on a 1.5-6x42 swaro and zeroed it. The rifle shot around half inch groups right away.
    Until I came back from my christmas holidays the rifle had accounted for 5 deer including 2 longish range reds.
    Last weekend we managed to go out together after some sika. I was looking forward to see the performance of this rifle. We stalked two does and a calf for a while and got within 150m. My friend was in a prone position to the right of me. The first doe was necked and went down, within seconds two and three went down with heart lung shots, the last one at lasered 250m. Great to witness good shooting from a very experienced stalker. Don't think we'll get a loan of that rifle though....
    Thanks to Roedale for delivering the goods.


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    That looks a very nice bit of kit......... and expensive

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    Ejg, did you do the bedding? If so could you explain the process please.

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    I bet he is please with his choices.

    I've a lot about Roedale Precision Rifles over the last 2 years. Its good to be able to read another excellent report on their work.

    Which manufacturers stock did you use?

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    Buck, no idea what this one cost.
    What I always thought is a good idea is the tricked up version.
    Roedale offers a howa that gets headspace checked, trigger reworked (an absolute deam) recrowned and bedded in a custom stock. These are quite affordable. A few years later one could rebarrel with a match barrel and it slowly grows into a custom rig.

    MJR, I did a write up a while ago about a ruger walnut stock bedding. This was a bit OTT, normally one could simplify by using metall filled epoxy like devcon.
    I only bed my own rifles or friends.

    This is a PSE stock, my sons and myself started making these in very small quantity as a hobby business. We use a different method than other composite stock manufacturers.
    Roedale is slowly getting his new workshop and webshop sorted. I have a sako custom rifle from him and just sold my tricked up howa . Both are excellent rifles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turfer
    I bet he is please with his choices.

    I've a lot about Roedale Precision Rifles over the last 2 years. Its good to be able to read another excellent report on their work.

    Which manufacturers stock did you use?
    Turfer, at first a Manners MCS T stock was tried out but my friend prefered the shape of the PSE. We also saved quite a bit of weight. Pete was very good about the change of plan and took back the Manners, we then fitted our PSE Stock. This is a pic of what it looked like with the Manners MCS T.

    Pete's new workshop is up and running and now he has everything under one roof instead of spread all over Germany. At last his production has increased and his webshop is also well worth a visit with lots of handy kit for shooters. I'm about to receive one of their own magazine systems for a howa. I've handled one before and its a work of art. As soon as it arrives I'll test it and take a few pictures. What interests me is of course if it fits into my stocks without problems.

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    Cheers Edi

    Where can I find out a bit more about your PSE stocks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turfer
    Cheers Edi

    Where can I find out a bit more about your PSE stocks?
    Best is to pm.
    but we also have the beginnings of what might once be a website,

    At the moment we only have a SA Howa stock and are working on a Remmy 700 SA next.
    We started out by needing a workshop to repair my sons surfboards, then others surfboards. Then I wanted a decent stock. The nice thing is I can work together evenings and weekends with my teenage sons.


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