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Thread: strong fox ?

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    strong fox ?

    well after lamping on friday night i was on my home when i came across a couple who had just knocked over a full size male muntjac .so i cleand up the carnage to help them out .the munti was unedible [sp] but i have a vixen living in the woods next to me so i thought this will feed her little clan . when i got home i put the body in the woods some 30 yrds in .and come morning i went to check on the munti but it had gone i followed a trail till it stopped but no sign of it anywhere .no way she dragged that 300 yrds to the earth throu wire / fences etc but there is no sign of it .her fella must be one big lad .

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    Could have been a Lynx on holiday from scptland! (See other thread)

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    Probably a black and white fox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy_SP View Post
    Probably a black and white fox.

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    Mr grumpy likes a bit of road kill

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    Black and white pig I thinks. Pity Spring Watch didn't film it, bet they would not show it.


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    there are no piggys about in this woodland only the pair of foxes trust me i have searched .

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    I have seen large roe gone in 24h... foxes.

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