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Thread: swarovski EL`s

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    swarovski EL`s

    Hello All,

    Has anyone got a pair of the above in either 8.5 or 10 X which are forsale as i have a friend trying to find a pair, if so send me a pm with condition and how much you want for them.


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    Hey mate, I'm selling mine but they're a bit distant from you! I'm not kidding, have a look at
    Mine are the $2000 ones. (1300GBP). Selling because I bought a pair of 8x42EL Range. I'm happy to send them to the UK.

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    Have you looked on fle-bay ?

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    yes i just come in and missed a pair i was watching for my mate.

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    Hi chrisc,

    I'm just waiting on some info off a guy about some new glasses/rangefinder and if its all good I wil have a near mint set of 10 x 42 EL's with box and paper work and a crf 1200 with box and paperwork for sale but as I say it all depends on this guy getting back to me!

    thanks bullet

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    Are you looking for the new ELs or the older ones?

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    I have some mint condition 8.5x42 EL's for sale - I bought them new in 2001 but still havebox and paperwork so they have 19 years left of the 30 year guarantee. I am only selling due to upgrading to the Range finders - would b looking for around 900 if you are interested. Clive

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