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Thread: selling venison

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    selling venison

    im looking for clarification on the selling of venison localy.having passed the large game trained hunters course can i sell localy to end users or still only to game dealers,just wondering if anything has changed since i did it.

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    Matt - have a read of the following stuff, then contact them if it's not clear.

    Regards JCS

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    thanks for the seems that now there are a few hunter exemptions that mean either a form to fill in and carry on under certain limitations or no form and carry on depending on local authority,who didnt seem to interested by the way

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    I believe you can sell your carcasses no probs providing you supply them 'in the skin'. As soon as you take the skin off and begin to butcher them yourself in order to sell, you will need to be registered with your local authority as a food handling establishment.
    If you google 'The Wild Game Guide' you will be able to download and view the pdf.

    Regards, M

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