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Thread: Very annoying Sporting Rifle spot the difference!!!

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    Very annoying Sporting Rifle spot the difference!!!

    I'm not fishing for answers but has anyone found all five differences in the May issue competition? I am starting to wonder if a fifth one is there at all?!

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    yep got them all

    do you want me to pm you the difficult one

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    Not yet!! I don't give up that easily. it obvious when you see it?

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    you will kick yourself!!

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    Send it to me....spent 5 days, wife, daughter,shooting mate etc etc all looking qand convinced only 4 differences.
    Quote Originally Posted by andymarsh View Post
    you will kick yourself!!

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    Oh god me too spent far too long on Sunday looking for number 5 , got so wound up the dog went into hiding
    still not found it.

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    Think I might have to go to specksavers, still can't see it.

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    i was convinced there was only 4 and had given up......... may need to take another look this evening.

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    Thank god, I thought it was only me!!! Can't find the fifth but now I know it's there somewhere!!

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    If the May issue is actually still on sale in May, I might take a look!

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