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Thread: Budget Meopta

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    Budget Meopta

    Hi Guys,

    Just like to say to anyone after a quality european scope but doesnt have the pennies for a swaro, S&B or ziess

    I bought a meopta meopro 4-12x50 for on my 222 from sportsman guncentre - got it special offer for 320 however i think its price has risen to 390ish and it is brilliant, every bit as clear as my s&b and swaro, maybe a bit cheaper made ie tube, turrtes etc. For the money i cant fault it and in the fading light it is absoloutly spectacular so anyone after a quality scope but cant quiet afford the 1000 price tag i can thorougly recomend this

    Cheers Rob

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    Meopta are very good scopes. I had a 3-12 x50 on a stalking rifle for about 10 years and it never missed a beat, always kept zero and the optical is excellent and I can compare against Zeiss, S&B and Khales on other rifles I have.

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    I also recommend Meopta. I've an Artemis 2100 3-12x50 mounted on my .243, and as said above it's brilliant in low light.

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    Meopta Atremis for me too

    Bloody brilliant.

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    swear by them myself,the knocks mine have taken over the years and not moved zero are amazing

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    350 from McAvoy guns

    IMHO the best value for money scope available, equally as good as the Zeiss duralyt. Probably too cheap for its own good. If it was 1000 everybody would be raving about it. Why do people think you have to spend 1000 - 1500 to get a decent scope? Madness

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    Quote Originally Posted by corky View Post
    swear by them myself,the knocks mine have taken over the years and not moved zero are amazing
    Oh yes, you should see the dings in mines and it works perfectly

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    Agree i have a fixed mag illum one and shooting mate has a variable one a .17 remmy fireball. Excellent scopes.


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    Meopta and Docter the two best European offerings providing real value over "label" snobbery.

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    i used to use a fixed 7x50 meopta for many years until i shifted to S&B .

    i have to say they are not to be sniffed at and personally accounted for many a roe and muntjac !

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