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    Mountaineering in the Austrain Alps at the moment. Lots of chamois around in the quieter areas. Saw a couple chasing last week. Will try and post some pics when I get home. Don't know when the season is here but would be great to be out with a rifle!

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    i would like to see the pics it would also be nice to know costs involved in stalking chamios in austria i like hunting them in nz fantastic to be in the mountains hunting ,atb wayne

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    I did this about five or six years ago in Austria (Carinthia) - awesome experience.

    Where I was there were loads of chamois - in the National Park areas (Hohe Tuern) I would say a gross over population. I went at the end of October and the first snow had just fallen - the weather was very variable - tea shirts one day full kit the next.

    Being Austria the system is very strict - the quotas are absolute and the guides have to shoot exactly the sex and age class allocated to them. You can go through an agent and pay accordingly - I did'nt and paid for the flights, car hire, guest house, guide and trophy fee seperately. Not as taxing as it sounds but the system itself is complicated - the trophy belongs to the commune through the game office, the carcase belongs to the landowner and you must employ an approved local guide (e50/day). You need a contact though. At the time the trophy fee was about e1100.

    The season is from about August until November or December - when the snow starts the chamois slowly move down into the trees but its only the depth of the snow that stops them , they are easily capable of coping with the cold and wind. Earlier inthe season you can get to the tree line by car but later you will need to climb - with shorter days this really shortens the hunting and the first time I was there we actually stayed in a hut just on the tree line. The winter coats later inthe season are much prettier.

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    Has anyone been chamois hunting in the Balkans? It seems quite reasonable in Bulgaria.

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    Sounds good,
    I am working near Innsbruck, Austria at the moment and staying in the ski resort Fügen in the Zillertal.
    There is a hunters club underground shooting range 100m x 2 in fügen 1km from me, so lets see if I can get some info together.

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    Be very interested in some info on this.



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    I am off to Slovenia and Croatia, after both Alpine and Balkan chamois in October very much looking forward to it.

    I look forward to your pictures BB.



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    How different is the stalking for Alpine and Balkan chamois? If you don't mind me asking, who have you booked through?


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