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    Hi guys

    Does someone have to be insured by either BASC or another organisation to do DSC1

    Cheers Bryan

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    When using a firearm you should really have liability insurance and pricewise sacs in less than a couple of decent boxes of mid calibre centrefire ammo. We would expect anyone using their own rifle to have insurance really.

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    Bryan hello, So long as you have third party shooting insurance from any organisation that would cover DSC 1. Anyone running a DSC 1 course should have commercial insurance in place.

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    I have no rifle yet but have the chance to do my DSC1 locally this weekend before applying for my FAC, this is the only course he will be doing this year and i just forgot to ask him on the phone. Just really a feeler to see what i would need..

    Cheers Bryan

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    As others have said. We ask for it on initial 'brochure' and request details on the application form. As Paul says - it doesnt ( from strictly insurance standpoint ) have to be BASC/SACS/SGA etc - appropriate third party cover will do - just these are the easiest to verify 'at a glance'.

    However, every provider slightly different - don't hesitate to call the course guy back and check; he wont mind at all. There are no silly questions - it is ( or should be ) part of the service to clarify any queries etc.

    Good luck with the test!
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    As they will be supplying you with a rifle for the exam i would think you'll be covered by their insurance.

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    If you intend to go shooting IMO it would be wise to have third party insurance regardless of whether you are required to do so or believe that you might be covered by someonelses insurance. atb Tim

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    Thanks guys, is there any third party insurance better than the other as there are a few options at hand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackfish View Post
    Thanks guys, is there any third party insurance better than the other as there are a few options at hand?
    Now that one is best answered by those who have needed to make a claim. atb Tim

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    Yes i suppose that would make sense!

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