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Thread: gwp - new friends

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    gwp - new friends

    Attachment 13997Through shooting and stalking over the years I have had the very great pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with a tremendous number of very nice people. Yes there are one or two rogues about more so with stalking for some reason than with other forms of shooting, you know the guys who want to make a quick buck out of everything, but generally I have been particularly fortunate in meeting genuine sincere people. This has been no more so that the people who have been involved with the SD/H4H shoot over the last two years.
    Well my old GWP passed away just before Christmas and I persuaded myself that I was not going to have another dog. Somehow I didn’t however manage to persuade either “she who must be obeyed” nor the two wannabes (daughters), nor for that matter anyone else who really knows me. So for three months now I have looked at adverts on this website and others for dogs and have even set pictures of litters as backgrounds on my computer while all along being solidly determined not to have another dog and in particular all the “fun” of training a pup. In fact the last two weeks have been spent digging out the rear garden previously used as the dog’s lawn and clearing and sieving the flower beds ready for the splendid flower garden I had planned this year.
    On Saturday totally out of the blue dav3p off this site sent me a private message he had heard that I had lost my dog and wondered if I would be interested in one of the dogs from the recent litter he had bred from his GWPs. Well it was only 80 miles to his place and while I didn’t have any intention of getting another dog you have to go and have a look don’t you, so it was a trip down west yesterday morning. The result is that I am working at the computer today with a little liver coloured GWP pup tucked up in a basket at my feet the sun streaming in through the window and warming his little body. The little dog is a real beaut and is currently “chasing rabbits” in his dreams and wagging his little tail quite happily. Meanwhile I look out of the window at the garden and can see tiny little paw prints the full length of the flower beds all the way up and down my garden. Isn’t funny how much absolute pleasure you can get from just glancing down occasionally and watching this little mite growing in his sleep and thinking how is this one going to develop and what does the future hold. So once again I have a new best mate that will to get me out of the house for “the sake of the dog”, and yet again have had the absolute pleasure of meeting a genuine and sincere fellow shooter and country lover that gwp is. I am glad that we passed the interview for one of his dogs because I am fairly sure that gwp is far more concerned that the pups go to the right home rather than simply grabbing the money as some would. Gwp it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife, and the pup is settling in well, though I have to say he is busy.
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    Cracking pup mate. Hope to get a gwp pup myself somtime this year. Hope yous have many years of happyness and great shooting adventures together. ATB with the training.

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    Congratulations what's his name.?.

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    Beautiful.... he looks wise before his years.....

    One day, just maybe...

    All the best.


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    What a sucker!
    Said all that to myself in the past but in reality life without a dog would be a bit boring me thinks.
    ATB Neil.

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    That's great to hear! I'm fighting a similar battle with myself...

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    Excellent pup, looks a real character.
    My 'pup' weighs in at 35kg now and is a very large GWP!

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    My old dog weighed 35Kg when in his prime, his weight went up to 37kg in his last year or so. He was a real strong and powerful dog in his prime years. I will find out what the new one weighes tomorrow when I take him to the vets but if he is like his parents he will be a strong good natured dog. He seems to have grown a bit in the last 24 hours and that's not just wishful thinking because we have all noticed it. We have named the new one BRNO. I was going to call him Mauser or the German equivalent for Brown (Brun ?) but the wife decided on BRNO along with the younger daughter who has just started shooting and uses my .22 Brno at the rifle club.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    lovely looking dog hope he gives you years of pleasure regards pete .

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    Really nice pup you have got, all the best training him.
    As with all GWP pups he has that butter wouldnt melt look off to a tee already.
    P.S let me know when you start collecting for H for H again.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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