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Thread: A weekend with Gap180

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    A weekend with Gap180

    Just had a cracking weekend with Gap 180 organised by Munty1.

    My mate and I arrived Friday lunchtime and were met and greeted by Alan, who took care of us and kept us fed and entertained for the weekend. After lunch we dealt with the admin then off to the high seats.

    I was after a Muntjac as I've never shot one my mate Ron was after a trophy Fallow. Friday night was a blank, I had a chance at a Fallow doe but wasn't happy with the backstop so didn't take it. Then it was back to the clubhouse for supper. Just a word about the clubhouse, its my idea of Valhala, a long hall with wooden rafters with antlers and boars heads all over them.

    We were off again at 4:30 next morning, unfortunately there was thick fog and it was a blank card for me again. Ron however got a chance at a herd of Fallow and took the smallest buck with his .243 rabbit gun. When we got back we weighed it and it was 175lb all in. Click image for larger version. 

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    Saturday evening was another blank, the deer were there but too fidgetty to get a shot.

    Sunday morning was my last chance, again we were out at 4:30 but I'd just got to my high seat as it was getting light. I hadn't been there long when I saw a herd of Fallow cross the field behind me at about 400yds. After about an hour they came through the trees from my right and I was able to grass a young buck.

    Back to the club house for breakfast and then I was able to butcher my deer under supervision (which I needed )

    I can't recommend GAP 180 highly enough. For a very modest fee, we had a great weekend with friendly people, excellent food and accomodation included.

    It would have been nice to get a Munty but it wasn't for the want of trying, maybe next time as we've been invited back for October.
    Click image for larger version. 

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