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Thread: Another visit with Ian & Jo!

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    Another visit with Ian & Jo!

    Travelled early hours Friday am, spooking deer through Symonds Yat area, lots of em' too!.... took pleasure from the sunrise as I transitted the Severn crossing, p***ed off by no service at the other end!,... arrived on South coast & went for a paddle with troosers round the knees, after sourcing a pair of sun shades from the sea front shops, followed by Tea & Hot cross buns on the verandah's, overlooking the harbour.. who needs to fly to Portugal????,... then landed at Ian & Jo's for 2 pm, followed by a check zero, along with a very friendly type down for Fallow culling, then out to the grounds for an early evening / late afternoon stalk, with Fallow in mind,... as is the usual hunters fare, loads of Roe in evidence but no Fallow!!!, so stalk around /away from the Roe!, later, stalk back on to these in a dry run, , perfect!, left them unawares that someone had dropped the hammer on them!,..back home for tea!...,out early Saturday on a different farm, A fine morning commenced,.. without a cull,... the evening however was more exciting!,.. A fine Roe Doe was taken after a stalk involving a half run /crawl/stumble towards a large single Oak tree, that was used as a blind between me & the beast!, upon gralloch, the animal turned out to be in fine fettle, carrying two equally formed reasonably large foetuses,.. the following day, being a really good one, followed with a cull on a Fallow Doe youngster, two Fallow having being texted in to Ian's phone by our South African guest on the adjoining beat, who must have been gutted that the beasts were just out of reach!,(Many thanks Sp4rkman!) so we commenced our inward stalk with this in mind,these beasts were still in the same area but just a little awkward to get on to, climbing a known noisy gate, I was able with the assistance of Ian, to stalk into the field in question,& letting the Doe have it at earliest opportunity, (A raking shot that was not strictly kosher), but a DRT nevertheless!, & turned out on gralloch to be nil damage to rumen or diaphragm,(The beast being carried , courtesy of Ian!), I turned about & E'spyed eight Fallow looking towards our South African friends position, & Ian returned the text favour!,On reflection, I have been lucky enough to have been on the receiving end of Ian's take, on the good bits and the many more bad bits of my technique, ( If you could call it that?!)... & I have resolved to incorporate his advice / & also his strong instructions with regards to improvements that I must make in an effort to bring my stalking into the 21st century, I would advise anyone seeking instruction on the stalking of deer & the art of riflecraft to speak with him. Steve. OH!, & don't forget that you will be eating the best food you could ever imagine in digs!!!
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    congratulations on a fruitful time with Ian and Jo! I am scouring my diary for some space so I can book up some time with Ian in the not to distant future.


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    Make sure your belt has a few notches left on it!
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    I am very local so I am able to stay at home although I am very, very tempted to to partake of their famed hospitality .

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    Christ!...I felt tired just reading that report...Driving down from chester In the early hours, afternoon / evening in the field...Not easy but worth It...Ian is a good guy, i may be tempted to go and visit...

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    Nice one Steve, hope we have as much luck on Saturday.

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    More mention of Jo next time please!

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    Hi Steve,

    Great meeting you on the weekend.


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    Again, many thanks mate!,......pity our text didn't pay off for you.Steve.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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