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Thread: Hind dates in .N.I ??

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    Hind dates in .N.I ??

    Have Hind dates in N.I changed or been extented to match the Stags???
    I hearing rumours dont know if theres any truth in it.

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    really confused now
    this site on home page states hinds are NOV 1 - FEB 28TH but BASC site says NOV 1 - MARCH 31ST
    Help ..

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    Changed this year to 31st March. No publicity at all as far as I can see. BASC is correct.

    Absolutely uncalled for also, we have few enough deer and they are badly under pressure as it is. I have not shot a doe or hind this year. Don't think I will be shooting any next season either. We now have a couple of competing groups trying to further commercialise the stalking here.

    Fecking disgrace, a pox on all of them.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Claret thanks for replying. I ended up getting a lot off deer land .last week i was out early morning and seen around 15 hinds at the top off the feild theres always plenty about and the farmer is crying out for them to be shot .thats why i needed correct dates as he wants me up on Sat... ...Not as many Stags as i thought but just a few

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