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Thread: fox calbi rifle

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    fox calbi rifle

    Has anyone here in N.I been grant a 243 for vermin control and sporting purposes. Without DEER STALKING listed on it a pal has recieved his fac back and deer is not listed on it .only vermin control and sporting purpose does deer fall under sporting purpose. As he has been told its illegal to shoot a fox with a 243..i also know off people being turned down for a 243 for fox control and told 22-250 was the max he could go??

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    re: fox calibre rifle

    In reply to your friend with a .243 and no mention of deer on his FAC, its also possible to argue for .243 to shoot feral goats in N.I. but I presume you would have to be the owner of the land and the goats would have to be causing damage to crops.

    With regard to my own FAC which is issued by PSNI, I have a .22 air rifle, a .22rf and a .22-250 all listed on the same 'specific condition' which lists them as being restricted to sporting purposes and vermin control regardless of the specific uses I gave for each when filling in the application. Does anyone in N.I. have a specific exclusion listed on their FAC saying their centerifre is ONLY for foxes or deer?

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    First off Thanks for your reply.
    I have a pal in N.I who has been told that no one in N.I is granted a 243 for fox control and that a 22-250 is the max aloud for this .
    Im confused that if hes has a 243 but nothing about deer stalking on his FAC what is he aloud to shoot ..
    Does Deer fall under Vermin or Sporting purpose I have been told by other Deer stalkers that they have Deer stalking printed as the reason to own the there 243s
    Do the Deer stalkers off N.I have Deer stalking as a permitted use printed on there FAC .

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    I have not tested it myself, but I am assured that the PSNI will refuse to condition a deer legal round for fox shooting - full stop - even if you already have the 243 on for deer stalking.

    I have been thinking about a small 6mm, br or PPC, for foxes, but I have been advised to forget it, going to go with a 8" twist 22/250 instead.

    I know of one exception I think. Friend of mine owns a big hill farm, over 500 acres. He has had a 243 for a life time for deer and goats. He was refused the condition to use the 243 for foxes several times. FEB offered to license a 22/250 for the job, which the guy did not want as he didn't want to spend the cash on another rifle and scope. I think he eventually did get the condition, but I am not entirely sure. He had the usual conversation with the local cops, they said "shoot away, we couldn't care less". The normal Irish approach to inconvenient laws.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Problem being if he shoots a deer with the 243 and is stop it doesnt say Deer on his FAC..
    He has shot with me and holds his DSC1 also.

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    If he has a DSC1, and land with deer, they should give him the condition automatically.

    Sounds like an admin error when his FAC was issued.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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