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Thread: A couple of oddities

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    A couple of oddities

    I shot these two many years ago and strangely on the same ground.
    The first picture is an antlered doe. From memory she was pregnant. The antlers are about 5 inches long and sadly now have lost all of their velvet through insect damage. Her teeth are all present, though well worn. The second animal is a buck. Once again teeth are well worn but still all present. What is noticeable is that the central sutures been the antlers are completely gone having scared over with bone and a small growth. Attachment 14009Attachment 14008Attachment 14007

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    Neither is extremely rare, if you read previous posts on here there has been quite a few people whom have shot antlered does, I personally have had three.

    Central sutures between antlers become less defined with age and in an older buck can and do disappear completely.

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    The sutures in the skull bones including frontal bones do tend to almost disappear with age. Your buck was going back as the first signs of ageing is loss of tines eventually followed by beams until all that remains is a distorted mass on top of pedicles where the antlers were. Antlered does are most common in Roe.On close pm examination most times have testicular tissue although there are occasionally adrenal tumours and in old age where oestrogen/testosterone balance is upset. 14% of Roe does have varying degrees of pedicle growth. If there is trauma to the pedicle you can get out of season antler growth due to elevated nerve growth factors. No explanation possible at the present.

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