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Thread: Back in the saddle

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    Back in the saddle

    Well I got up yesterday morning and my eyes were to sore (just dryness when i wake up) to drive so this morning I was up 2 hours before daylight to get my eyes moist enough to drive.
    Well as I guessed they were dry, so in with the prescription drops x3 different lots staggered over 2 cups of tea.
    Then I was soon backing out of the drive arriving in the dark. resting my eyes for a further 20 mins the light slowly arrived meeting the dawn chorus.
    I popped some normal drops in and went for a stalk soon bouncing x2 does both of which looked BIG.
    So I let them evaporate into the rape and went back to the truck. A drive around soon showed a family group up browsing the new hawthorn hedgerows.
    I parked well down wind and walked in to an ambush point. Glassing with my zeiss field scope the young doe soon became apperant so I set myself up on my sticks to wait for them to appear in the gate way some 97m's off.
    They soon did first the old doe very bellied up then a 4 pointer in velvet and then the youngster. She didn't stop till crossing, stretching her neck upright for a nibble on the hedge. I put the red dot on her neck and squeezed she fell dead not even hearing the bang.
    This is the first animal I have ever shot in 30 years without glasses. A real first for me.

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    Nice one mate hope they are Ok this time. By the way It dont make you no more hansome

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    you can take that either way?

    glad its all ok now four eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNE DAVIES View Post
    Nice one mate hope they are Ok this time. By the way It dont make you no more hansome
    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    you can take that either way?
    I agree bob don't need to get any BETTER looking.

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    great news, well done on this mornings success!


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    wel done bud.

    wis i could get my eyes sorted, but i hve a short sighted and a lond sighted, so i have to keep the glasses,

    nice shot placement too.

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    been a long road and expensive but hopefully there now. I can only say go get a quote it will change your life mate.

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    Well done John ,nice one on the doe .

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    Good news and good shooting, nice looking Doe there John.

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