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Thread: Game Crop

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    Game Crop

    Any of you guys part of a pheasant shoot/syndicate?

    If so are you putting in any game crops in this year, what types/mixes?

    What works for you in your area & what doesnt?


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    We just put straight kale and game maize, also got a few bits of wild bird mix in the stewardship, linseed, quinoa, kale, phacelia and wheat.
    Most of the bits of game cover we planted with trees, its so much agro trying to establish covers every year.

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    Not part of a syndicate this year, but in previous years, used a home made mix of the following; Maize, sunflower, rape, kale, dari, mustard.
    This seemed to provide cover and feed for the birds and was still standing at the end of the season.

    I also did a few strips of mustard rotavator'd into wheat stubble, which grew ok and dispite hand feeding held little in the way of birds. This could have been due to excessive disturbance by dog walkers not sticking to paths but it didn't produce the results we were hoping for.

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    We are going for a bit of a concoction this year... keepers kale, thousand headed kale, quinoa, millet, triticale, buckwheat, red mustard, sunflowers, rape & sorghum.

    The flushing points will be reed canary grass & brown mustard.

    Not sure if it will work or not, but we wont be long in finding out.

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    keep it simple ,better to do one type /species well than do lots of different mixes half cock. we have gamecover maize ,and triticale and permanent covers of miscanthus .
    works well here and our farming company do about 150 acres a year so pretty good at it .

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    We will be drilling, Kale, Triticale and Artichokes. They have proved themselves over the last 12 seasons.

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    We are putting in maze,millet,kale,jerusalem artichokes,quinoa,mustard all worked well if we can keep the geese and rabbits off of them

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    Many people had much success broadcasting maize? I know everybody says drill it but thats not an option on the shoot. We had a mix in last year which did well in one area where the land was light but didnt last well in heavier ground elsewhere.

    Snag with a blend is you cant treat it if things go pete tong but at least you dont have all your eggs in one basket. Ive put in canary grass in areas last year so am keen to see how well it works this season.

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    Sorghum (medium Height) is excellent cover, stands well and the birds like it. That and kale I have found do the job pretty well.

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    Maze under sown with a millet mix , then down the middle in the direction the drive goes is a strip of triticali with a bit of wheat mixed in and a touch of hemp , throw so sorghum on for flushing points before drilling and thats it . wild bird mixes with buckwheat , quinoa , phasilia mustard , sunflowers and fodder rape , brown mustard and canarny grass in other places

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