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Thread: GWP pups.

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    GWP pups.

    Born 29th January 4 dogs and 3 bitches remaining out of a litter of 9. The breeder lives in west Wales and does not have the neccessary number of postings to place an advertisment in accordance with site rules therefore all contact initially via 8x57, details will be passed on.
    Both the sire and the dam are owned by the breeder and are good strong working dogs of a calm placid nature. Many of the pups are solid liver in colour but there are some that are liver and white. The pups have been legally docked and had their dew claws removed. All the pups are bright and alert and are of good equal size with no runts in this litter.
    The breeder is keen that all the pups should go to the right homes and are worked properly. Sorry no photographs but I only have photographs of my own pup from the litter. Details of cost to be discussed with the breeder.
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