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Thread: Example HACCP required for venison

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    Example HACCP required for venison

    I need to submit an example HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) to the council in order to complete the final part in obtaining my venison dealers license.

    I have not submitted one since my last license was granted three years ago and cannot find the previous one I had completed to alter and resubmit.

    Can anyone provide me with a copy of theirs as an example so I can alter it accordingly for my own purposes?



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    That is a bit odd isn't it H.A.C.C.P. was finished up yrs ago,do you produce raw and cooked Venison from the same outlet?


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    No just the raw venison.

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    Ours is only on massive folders I am afraid & not in a downloadable format.

    You should be able to use "Sater Food Better Business" this covers meat producers but is very much generic-sure it would do the job though.

    We still use the catering version to cover us at events where we are cooking Venison Burgers at summer shows & Food Festivals.

    Its produced by the FSA anyway-so it should do the job.

    Regs Lee
    Newhouse Game

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