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Thread: cheapest way to sweden

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    cheapest way to sweden

    I have been offered a lease in sweden hunting moose / bear and caper , this lease is quite cheap but I can't find any cheap flights or ferries.
    ryan air fly out to stockholm but dont carry firearms
    easyjet don't fly there
    newcastle to denmark ferry is 650 then another ferry to sweden then 800 trip
    on previous trips I have used the newcastle to norway route but that finished in sept.

    all thoughts gratefully received

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    happyhunt n looking at the flight prices it works out as cheap to have a week in Sweden as it would to travel from London to Aberdeen by car return for a weeks stalking/shooting .

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    I've also looked at ferries and dismissed them when going to Finland, far too expensive and time consuming. Might suit if you intend bringing back all the meat from one or two moose or bear, cheaper than excess baggage on the plane!

    I borrow a rifle when in Finland after Moose and Caper and have left a shotgun with a friend there so I can use it for wildfowling. May be cheaper to buy a rifle there and store it or you may have give the money to a friend there to buy it and 'lend' it to you when you visit. Makes air travel easier and less baggage weight.


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    Sadly Ryan Air is the cheapest way to fly to Sweden. Don't know if SAS still do there snowflake flights. They used to be cheap.
    Happyhunt have you been offered a lease or to be a member in a hunting team.
    Bob has the right idea. Buy a rifle and get a friend to store it for you. Its quite easy for them to do a agreement for you to loan the rifle when your in sweden.
    Don't get to excited about the bear hunting. last year i think the cull was about 140 and the season is very short but you never know you may get lucky. Lycka till

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    the lease is private but added on to others to give an area of about 30.000 acres, this gives you a quota of maybe 8 or 9 moose,
    I could ask one of the other hunters about borrowing guns etc, it would certainly be easier.
    last season saw the first bear shot in 14 years on the hunt lands,although they are there (we seen lots of sign) you very rarely see them
    .norweigen fly to trondeim so that might been the best way to go
    s.a.s also fly out but there anything but cheap.

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    I got a return into GARDAMOEN norway 140 with norwegian, i work in norway couple of times a year and was well pd off when the boat stopped going from newcastle, would be around 3 days travelling to get the truck over so cheaper to rent. Seems to be plenty of swedish bears coming into norway to massacre thier sheep,wolves also.Lord knows why some folks think we need them here.
    We should look to scandinavia to check out the reintroduction problems with beaver boar and the large predators.
    Sorry seem to have gone off a bit


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    look into buying a cheap sh brillings or rifle and fly ryan air .just a tough

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    buying a cheap second hand gun looks like the way forward, everything else is so expensive.
    cheapest norwiegen flight I could find to trondiem was 355 euros
    in jamtland where I shoot they have the largest density of brown bears in europe, but very few are shot, they take a heavy toll on the moose calfs & roe deer.
    fully agree that more control is needed

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    If you are quite adventerous it's a kool drive, we took an old Jag over couple of years ago we sold on Ebay upto Stockholm from Nottingham to Stockholm took about two days dragging a trailer on a very very slow van stopping overnight in Germany.
    You drive up through Germany take the cheap ferry to Denmark saves loads on fuel, over the bridge to Malmo then a straight run all the way upto Stockholm ...the girls 8) my god the girls even the ugly ones are sooo hot

    If you want a co pilot dude I'm your man we are actually taking some stuff over to Stockholm in few weeks for a Swedish family relocating from London so if we come across a better way will let you know

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