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Thread: Hunting Trip Northern Territory, Australia

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    Talking Hunting Trip Northern Territory, Australia

    Work has been quiet for the last few days hence the numerous posts. I have never posted a report before on a forum so here goes:

    I had always wanted to go to Australia and hunt but never had the funds, being young meant that most of my earnings were pissed up against the wall, but managed to scrape together enough for the trip last year.

    I have been lucky enough to have shot abroad a few times in the past, and have come to the conclusion that there are a few trophies that I really want and would rather save trophy and shipping fees where I can, and just enjoy the experience. This was a cull hunt, rather than bore people to death I will go through the events of any note.

    Scrub Bull

    I had read about the strength and aggressiveness of these feral cattle and was very keen to have a go at one of them. On the first day after shooting a few buffalo cows we stumbled onto a scrub bull, he looked enormous. The guide said to try and keep a tree inbetween me and the bull and stalk in closer at about 40yds I ran out of cover and stood up to lean off the tree branch. The bull was slightly quartering towards me I aimed at the collar bone and remember thinking this would be interesting, I squeezed of the shot and bull dropped on the spot!
    Attachment 14017

    The Charge

    After an exiting morning of stalking around the edge of an inland sea (lake that was probably in excess of 40 miles in width) I had taken a bull running through dense cover and after a sprint caught up with it, as it turned towards me I brained it with a 300 grain bullet. As we were walking back to the vehicle after a few miles we spied a herd of seven comprising of cows and 3/4 grown calfs swimming back towards the shore from one of the numerous islands within the delta. We ran to intercept them but must have spooked them as they ran past I hit the first cow in the chest and dropped the second one. We ran after them but the first cow that we had hit and come back round on it's tracks and charged from about 15yds, I dropped her in mid stride with a single lucky shot We managed to intercept the rest of the herd and I managed to drop the rest after a chase and got some really good footage of some running shots on video.

    The old cow that charged:
    Attachment 14018

    My best Running Shots

    I had practised running shots before at bisley a few times but mainly on rabbits with my .243, throughout the trip I had shot at running animals most days as they would still run after the initial shot and often take another 5 or six rounds in the chest to bring them down, I did shoot a couple between the eyes which did drop on the spot. Towards the end of the trip we were driving along when a cow and calf suddenly ran out from a dry creek into the bush. We quickly got of the vehicle and I aimed just in front of it's brain almost at it's muzzle but the shot went slightly back and broke the atlas joint, I then swung onto the calf and this time gave a bit more lead and hit the brain the result was instant as it dropped in its tracks, I was a very happy hunter

    Various Pictures
    Attachment 14019Attachment 14020
    Attachment 14021Attachment 14023Attachment 14028Attachment 14029Attachment 14024Attachment 14025Attachment 14026Attachment 14027Attachment 14022Attachment 14030Attachment 14031


    The experience was amazing, from the bird life to waking up in a true wilderness listening to the dawn chorus to lying awake at night looking at the stars in the southern hemisphere (you get the idea)

    I would have loved a go at the huge number of geese and ducks and had my permit but the water table was too low to concentrate them into the shallow bays on the shore.

    The northern territory, especially Arnemland is a true wilderness area, considerably more remote than most of sub saharan africa, and is home to many feral species.

    On my five day trip I accounted for 17 buffalo of mixed sex, 5 pigs and a scrub bull. I used a CZ .375 using handloaded 300 grain barnes TSX bullets, which perfomed admirably.

    The trip was considerably cheaper than a cape buffalo hunt and gave me plenty of hands on experience hunting dangerous game, the only down side was the 24hour flight, I overnighted each way in Brisbane which was very nice but very expensive (10 quid for a beer in a pint glass) but even from Brisbane it took nearly another days flying to the airport in the bush then another 5 hours drive.

    I would highly recommend this hunt to anyone, even though my trip was only a five day hunt with about six days of travelling I would do it again tomorrow (if I had the money).

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    Great write up,

    Australia is high on my hunting 'to do' List,

    Which outfitters did you use?

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    A very interesting write up.
    I have a long standing invitation to hunt in central Queensland from a guy I used to work with.
    My brother lives in Queensland so Im still hopeful that it will eventually happen.
    My friends family farms several square miles of land and can also hunt on neighbouring ground so plenty of potential hunting .
    Its difficult to appreciate how big Australia is until you fly across it.

    All the best,


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    Thanks for sharing, that sounds like a good hunt with as you say good practise on large potentially dangerous game, scrub bull looks cool.

    Have been invited over to shoot kangaroos and go pig sticking (think I will be quite happy to shoot them though) need to find the time to do it.


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    It's an amazing place up north...

    Great trip by the sound of things, thanks for sharing

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    Andy you should make a plan, I beleive there are pigs in Queensland but definitely deer esp. in the Brisbane valley.

    Moose you should make time you won't regret it.

    Below are some picture of Barnes triple x shot monometal bullets recovered, weight retention was 99.9%, I also used some of the new woodleigh hydrostatically stabilized solid bullets but these exited on every shot:
    Attachment 14048Attachment 14049

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    Cumbrian great hunt, it cast my mind back a few years I lived in Arnhem land when I was young !white man was not allowed in back in them days ,I had a permit off the govt to live and work there great place I woke one morning to find aboriginals stoning wild horses In my back garden then started a fire and through them on!!
    The elder was a fella called holy moo telling me story's about himself going on the big silver bird in the sky to America to show there abbo art in a gallery any way sorry I don't mean to hijack your glory just got a bit carried away lol Love your story.

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    Good write-up Richard and great pics
    Can i come next time
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Great write up thanks for sharing your trip with us it sounds like some fantastic hunting, dont know if all that travelling is for me though I've had enough after a Ryan air trip to Germany



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    Thanks for sharing your adventures sounds really great.

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