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Thread: redding comp seater die for 17 rem fireball

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    redding comp seater die for 17 rem fireball

    as above in the case as good as new. 90 posted to your door.

    these are 135 on midway so a 50 saving for someone when you take into fact the postage from midway to
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    would take a offer close to the asking price

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    would you take 60 for the dies just getting into reloading shelled out tons of money on reloading gear and struggling to find 17 fireball dies



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    Should be able to get dies anywhere mate Tim Hannam as usually got 17fb Hornady in stock

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    hi lee sorry mate this is as good as new. bearing in mind this is only the seater you would need a neck and full length die.

    if your trying to save some dosh. look at the standard die sets on midway for the fireball

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    tried Hannams they've not got the dies in stock he's not had any in stock for weeks



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    just looking on the midway site they have most of the redding ones in stock. &categorystring=9315 *** 731 *** 702 *** 8344 ***

    ou can buy from them but postage is steep. or get your local rfd to order you some from them
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    need to shift to buy some new dies so 75 posted to your door. this is a big saving on new prices.

    and the redding comp seater die is superb

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