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Thread: Bigger than 243 but a bit different?

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    Bigger than 243 but a bit different?

    I've been shooting more fallow of late and and contemplating something with a bit more punch than the 243 - mine loves 90gn bullets, so it's probably a bit on the small side for a large fallow buck - perfectly capably when I put the bullet in the right place I know, but nice to have a bit in reserve if the shot isn't quite perfect! I reload, so don't mind something that is not readily available, in fact I really fancy something a bit different.

    Trouble is, I don't know what!! 6.5x47, 260 etc are all just a bit similar ballistically to the 243 to really make it worthwhile running a second calibre. I'm not going to be firing thousands of rounds, so something a bit "hot" doesn't worry me and if I want something that shoots a bigger bullet as flat as my 243 then it's going to need to be quick...

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    7mm08 ?
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    any of the above

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    the 47lap or 260 would compliment your .243 quite well, then you'd have a fox rifle and a deer rifle. plenty big enough for the deer around here, dont need flatter/faster just need the right setup in a well balanced rifle with a quality scope. i chose the 47lap because of its superior ballistics at extended ranges. you could go 6.5x284 if you want a barrell burner. kevinf uses 30-06ai on the fallow here, 125btip at 3400 fps, that sorts em.

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