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Thread: Roe bucks in velvet in Norfolk/East Anglia?

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    Roe bucks in velvet in Norfolk/East Anglia?

    Hi All,

    Heading out next week and with any luck I might grass that elusive first roe - wondering what people have been observing on the ground in Norfolk, are the bucks still in velvet or mostly clean?

    Many thanks,


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    mostly in velvet when i was down that way a week ago !

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    About 60:40 Velvet:Clean here. Glyn.

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    I have to agree with Glyn, on the ground I stalk.
    I have seen some very good Bucks this year.

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    Saw my first clean buck on my patch 8th feb, seen a few others since but still plenty in velvet.

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    Okay - thanks all... here's hoping they crank up the fraying before next Wed, all this hot weather is bound to egg them on a bit

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