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Thread: Best .22 Auto with subsonics ?

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    Best .22 Auto with subsonics ?

    Ok - - I know that semi-autos are not really designed for sub-sonics but I do like using my Brno and Ruger with them. They are both OK but perhaps there are better out there. I'ld like to hear your opinions - - specifically what you think that the best rifle/ ammunition combination may be ?

    Looking forward to your answers .

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    Have to go a long way to beat the 10/22

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    Not a long way, just a 77/22?

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    Browning sa. Great little gun - no probs with subs
    It's accuracy that kills.

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    I've used a Savage semi auto for years. Never had a misfeed and in my opinion the trigger and magazine are both better than the bog standard 10/22. You have to keep the action reasonably clean though.

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    I get funny looks when I pull out a sporterised old match rifle to bash bunnies but if you ever use one you'll fall in love with them. But 10/22 is about as good as the semi autos go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Not a long way, just a 77/22?
    Agreed the 77/22 is a far better build quality IMHO and it's no hardship cycling the bolt, I wouldn't part with mine.

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    Funny this, when i first heard about the Sako Quad i thought all the questions had been answered but according what i read on here i wouldn't take one in a gift. My Ruger 77/22 does everything i need without the trouble.

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    If you're talking bolt action .22s then I believe the finnfire wins...

    On a different note the CZ semi autos are a lot less popular here than their b/a rifles. I'm guessing that's because the ruger can be so heavily customized though??

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