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Thread: Just popped my cherry

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    Just popped my cherry

    Finally got a shot at a deer - been out a few times now and not seen a thing, but was up a likely looking highseat this evening and sure enough, a couple of roe does emerged behind a hedge and began grazing on some winter wheat.

    I watched them for about 5 minutes before I got a clear shot and the nerves got the better of me and I snatched it a bit. She ran with a front leg hanging and disappeared out of sight. I gave it 10 mins and went to the spot where I'd shot her - plenty of hair and a good blood trail. Found her 30 yds away in a ditch, stone dead. It was a slight quarter-on shot and I'd over compensated slightly and it was a touch forward of the near shoulder and out through the far shoulder.

    Chuffed to bits to finally break my duck though

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    Sounds simlar to my first needed a dog to find mine just put it down to nerves it gets better and more addictive....... Well Done.

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    Well done it sounds like the bullet placement was not bad at all. Did it hit the heart or was it the lungs it took out?

    My favourite shot is one where the deer is a quarter off, that way the bullet expands as it goes through a rib or 2 and can take out the heart and lungs. A very high percentage of these deer collapse on the spot after the stuffing being knockedout of them.


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    This will cost you a fortune now you will be hooked!! well done doesn't sound like that bad a shot.


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    Well done on popping your cherry

    Now you will be totally hooked and plenty of venison in the freezer


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    Thanks all.

    Shot missed the heart but took out both lungs and as I say, she only went about 30 yds so I guess it wasn't such bad shot placement after all

    And you're right about cost - just off to source a bone saw on the internet and a couple of gambrels... And figure out when I can next duck out of work early! Bring on the longer nights...

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    well done mate its a good feeling when your hard work pays off.

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    well done mate there will be no stopping you now

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