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Thread: Group 4 to run Lincolnshire's Firearm Licensing?

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    Group 4 to run Lincolnshire's Firearm Licensing?

    Hmmm I wonder how this will alter things. Would like to think it could be an improvement but seeing as how Group 4 made a bit of a mess of the prisoner transport it makes one wonder.

    Heard about this last night and it seems as yet the staff like the FEO's do not know if they have jobs still n a few weeks or not. Rumour is that the existing managed Mrs Helen Wilkie is not keeping her post but as I said that was rumour.

    Also wonder about the three girls in the office who have always tried to be helpful. Will they move over or will they bring in new people?

    Somehow I expect total chaos and turmoil during the switch over .

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    I wonder if this is as a result in the change in government? It always seems like a Tory thing that as soon as you get into power you sell stuff to your mates. Looks like the Royal Mail is going as well.

    However, from our perspective it is never a good thing. Now, I'm not a big fan of "big government" as it can be inefficient but previous sell offs seem to indicate that they become even less efficient as you have the added problem that private directors want their big bonus and the shareholders want the return on their investments. The number of people looking "paid" from the fixed pot of cash goes through the roof and many of them have much higher payment expectations than an Admin Assistant in the civil service. This leaves nearly no money at all to invest in providing the actual service and so one poor person on minimum wage is left slogging away in the office supporting all these layers of directors, managers, consultants and shareholders. So, basically the money that did pay for the office staff is now redirected to pay for profits leaving no office staff at all.

    Maybe I'm wrong and I know that firearms licencing has never been great especially as some involved seem to have an agenda iin a bid for politically correct glory. However here in Northern Ireland BASC got involved and processing times came down from 12 - 24 months to something more reasonable, I can't see them making any impact on the likes of Group4.

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    That sounds like bad news, I have only good things and praise to say about my own experiances with my FEO/FSEL department, once again us the voters/people have no say in what happens, hope this does not happen in my area, we have already lost to many FEO's here in essex. ...
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    I feel I need to speak as I find. My advice to Group 4 would be to leave things as they are as much as is possible. I have held a Lincolnshire FAC and SGC for 31 years and during this time have received consistant excellent service. I would hope Mrs Wilkie is retained as she has provided help and advice over the years and always been very fair. The team there are efficient an effective an I'm sure they will cope with any changes that are on the horizon.

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    is this the same Group 4 who lost a load of prisoners they were meant to be transporting?

    sure it will go seamlessly .......

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    I'll go with vigilaire. Never had a problem.

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    I don't live in Lincolnshire but hate thought of G4 having anything to do with firearms licensing anywhere fills me with dread. Do we really want the kind of details we provide to the police in the hands of a private company with a record like G4?

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    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    So they are making a profit then....

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    Is this the same police who have left guns on the roof of cars and driven off recently?

    group 4 probably have all the info they need already.

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