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Thread: GWP Bitch - 3 Year's Old

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    GWP Bitch - 3 Year's Old

    Hi Guys

    Last year I was looking for a GWP Bitch but had no success, so took a HWV instead.
    Anyway one of the breeder I contacted me has just called to say that she knows of a 3 year old bitch going for free.
    The present owner has 3 kids and it has been in a family envioroment only and has no formal Gundog training yet shows signs that it is there.
    The down side is that the dog bit one of his kids over the weekend and the owner has decided that he wants to put the dog down.
    Having spoken to him just now I offered to post on the site to see if anybody would be interested in taking her and taking her to a working home.
    Time is against her as he goes abroad on Monday and want rid of her before then.
    He stays in Suffolk and would be prepared to travel and deliver the dog within reason.

    I am only posting because of my first statement and ask please do not post replies if you are not interested in taking her, please no negative posts.
    By all accounts she has a very good pedigree.
    If there is anyone with a genuine interest please PM me and I will forward on the owners details.


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    Any chance you could put up a pedigree
    Just because the dog bit a child does not mean anything in reality
    As we don't know the real situ of what went on
    Putting a pedigree may help with the re-home
    Hope you manage to get a new owner sorted as it would be a shame not to
    This could be a good dog in the right environment, with a bit of training
    Some one surely must be interested , it may well be a good option than a pup

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    Owner is emailing her pedigree and will post when received.
    But time is running out and an appointment has been made with the vet.



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    Tell them to contact the GWP rescue club, they will re-home her.

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    They have already tried that avenue, but because he has bitten, they are not interested.



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    Have you got any further details yet? Thought you said dog was a bitch, yet you say in your last post "he"?

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    Sorry mate thinking of my own dog when writing, it is a bitch.
    Owner and another member on the site in dialog.



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    Quote Originally Posted by DavieH View Post
    Sorry mate thinking of my own dog when writing, it is a bitch.
    Owner and another member on the site in dialog.


    No problems, hope it works out. More often than not there is a reason behind it, and the dog loses out. Although you can understand the worry for the parents of the child.



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    A picture would paint a thousand words! People are more likely to show interest if they can see her.

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