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Thread: Win308 reloading with H4350

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    Win308 reloading with H4350

    Has anyone out there got figures on loading a 308 with 150gr heads pushed by H4350?

    I cannot get any info on that powder with 308?

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    h4350 in 308

    I have just had a look on the hidgdon site and there is no data listed for that. it will be becuase H4350 is a slow burning powder and .308 win likes faster burning powder. If you have a full tub i could swap it for a tub of n140.
    n140 would be fine for your .308. but it is a little quick for the .243 7mm08 and 30-06 i use.


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    Basic Reloaders Manual 1998.

    .308 Winchester. 150gr bullet. - H4350, 47grains. - 2504 Fps. Velocity.
    __________________________________________________ _________

    My .243 Sako Varminter is a one holer with 68-75gr bullets using 40.5 grains of Vit N140, Federal match primer and Norma or Rem. brass.


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    hi stag,
    what speed are you getting with that? i have been using it with 100 gr hornadies but it is quite light in powder load, i haven't got the data to hand i think it is 37 gr of n140. however now i am using the 7mmo8 i am tempted to go to a 85 or 90 grain spitzer in the 243 which might be better this will also be a deer load, what do you think?


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    Hi Swampy.
    68gr Bergers were 3410 fps. [5 shot av.]
    75gr V.Max were 3404 fps. [5 shot av.]

    The 85 grainers may be more accurate in .243 than 100gr as some rifles do not have a fast enough twist rate for the heavier bullet.

    I have never shot a Deer with this .243 as all my loads are for feathered and furry vermin, I use my .270 or .308 on Deer species.


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    I don't know whether to consign the 243 to vermin shooting now, the 7mm and 30-06 have about it all covered deer wise. if so then i will go down to a light bullet, maybe the 80 grain spitzers from sierra.


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    I have had three .30-06 rifles in my lifetime and shot all 7 Deer species from Moose to Muntjac with that calibre.
    It is one of the finest ever designed. I gave my Sako TRGS .30-06 to a friend and load for him 51.5 grains Varget, 150 grain Speer bullet No.2022 SPBT, and Fed. match primer in Weatherby brass.
    He uses it for Foxes and Deer [mostly Reds.]


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    hi stag,
    i have a parker hale 1200 in .30-06 it is great. I use speer 2023 over 51 grains of N140 at 120 yards it produces clover leaf groups. I have also shot all sorts with it. my best shot was a 220 yard fox cub through the neck. my wife tells me i ought to clear out my gun cabinet. There is no way the .30-06 is going anywhere! I find it kills things really well and despite what some "chairboure" rangers might say about meat damage it is better than the 243. a gentleman from this forum has invited me to shoot some pigs with him. I will take the 06.

    I think i will load the .243 with speer 80 gr spitzers probably speers becuase they are quite hard and bonded as opossed to the sierra pro hunter.
    or maybe the remmy corelokt in 80 gr.


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    I know it's not the regular choice but have you tried the H4350 in your 7-08 ? I used to use N150 in the 7-08 which will drive the bullet faster but i prefer a full case and i believe i once had a problem with the Vhit and cold cases. i tend to use the 7-08 at less than 150 yds and the H4350 does just great at this distance. Tried it at 600yds once though and it was truely awfull !

    48 grns H4350 140 Gameking Remmington Brass and Fedral Match primers.
    Disclaimer- it is safe in mine but might not be in yours !

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