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Thread: The Perfect Gun Cabinet, 6 Guns for all Tasks.

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    Post The Perfect Gun Cabinet, 6 Guns for all Tasks.

    The six guns for all tasks in my perfect cabinet.

    1. .177 springer airgun
    2. .22LR
    3. 222
    4. 6mm Norma BR
    5. 7mm-08
    6. 12G

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    6 Guns? Sorry 6 doesn't cover all my shooting.
    .177 Springer -clearance of ferral pigeons inside barns
    .22LR bolt action - rabbit clearance
    .22LR semi-auto - target shooting
    .223 - target shooting/fox
    .243 - Deer
    12 bore side by side - rough shooting, pigeon, ducks etc.
    12 bore over and under - clay pigeons
    12 bore 10 shot semi-auto - practical shotgun
    Eight guns to date. Trying to keep the number down but I really fancy buying a side by side 20 bore and how about a .270 for Reds?

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    The part of me that yearns for a simple life is increasingly drawn to the idea of a perfect gun collection that comprises only of a pretty German-built drilling with 7 x 65R rifle barrel (plenty of choice of bullet weights for most fox / deer / sheep / goat / antelope / pig species and probably enough ooomph for bears), a 22Lr insert for the left 16b shotgun barrel (vermin, rabbits, hares etc) and the right 16b barrel for walked up birds (with the option of solid slugs for burglars and pirates) or even both shotgun barrels in play and an empty rifle for a few driven birds - then add in a small quick-release scope even more versatility. The added bonus is that the perfect gun cabinet would be very small indeed...

    ...or have I just caught Farrington's Disease?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamant View Post
    ...or have I just caught Farrington's Disease?
    Would that be Tightwaditis?

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    I think I could probably 'survive' with 5 rifles:

    a .22LR
    an F/TR rifle
    2 deer rifles
    a .375H&H or .404

    But I'd also like a nice double rifle and a farquharson single shot...

    Not sure about shotguns though... probably another 5!

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    You say that (the politically correct term is 'West Country careful )...but I have just had a look at the price of a new drilling and had to sit down for a moment! I could go 9/10s of the way to the 6 gun collection with that amount of cash, or even a Blaser and a small heap of spare barrels.

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    i have 6 guns witch seem all to get used fairley regulary.
    -22. cz for most things ,mostley squirrles on pheasent feeders
    -17hmr cz rabbits and crows
    -243 howa ,foxes and deer
    -12g old bsa s/s for pheasents and pigeons
    -20g spanish s/s for them high pheasents
    -12g francie 5 shot , just put that back in the cabinet after blasting a few drays
    Oh maby 7 then ,, forgot the cz 177 air gun ,
    On my wish list is a lee enfeild 303 .Just always wanted one . and a 8 bore . Just because my freind has a 10g an i wouldent mind outgunning him .

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    I'll start with the five I have:

    22lr semi auto pistol
    22lr semi auto rifle
    30-30 lever action
    30-06 bolt action
    12 guage side by side

    These should cover everything from small vermin and birds, to large game and the lever action acts as a great driven and brush hunting gun.

    I'd like to add a .223 in semi auto AR platform to cover foxing. It will be hell to get one, due to my area, but I'm going to try in the next two years or so. If it doesn't work, a good bolt action .223 will be on the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt_1029 View Post
    On my wish list is a lee enfeild 303 .Just always wanted one
    Ditto - it was the first rifle I ever fired at the young age of 11... and I just want one!

    I'm (fairly) happy with my lot:

    .177 PCP Webley air rifle - pigeons & other vermin
    .22 FAC BSA Supersport (springer) - plinking (it's getting old, 19 years old...)
    12G s/s (very) old Italian (Bignotti) hammer shotgun (my first 'firearm' swapped for a bottle of Bushmills) - the odd foray in the field
    12G o/u Browning 525 - rabbits/birds
    17HMR CZ - rabbits
    .243 Tikka T3 - deer/foxes

    And I'd add a 30-06...

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    I have six rifles.
    22 Finnfire
    22 Ruger 10/22
    243 Sako 75
    223 AR15
    308 RPA Hunter
    7.62 Lee Enfield Envoy/L42

    They all get used fairly regularly.
    If we are adding shotguns, then there are a few more!

    Just dont tell the wife what they are worth!

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