Has anyoneever had to send back Minox products back to Germany for repair?

I have had to send back my HG 8.5x43 binos back as they keep misting up on the left tub inside. They have been away now for over a month and half so I decide to phone them today to see how they were getting on their answer was they “check them today and they couldn’t find anything wrong with them”, so I asked them how did they check them there reply was “with a cold test” so I mentioned about doing some kind of rain test there reply was “its not raining here at the moment” . At this point I thought to myself a multi million pound company that specialises in optics doesn’t have any way to test for rain I ve herd it all now , So I said “surly they have somekind of way to replicate rain even with a shower/tap”.

So they’re going to try this idea tomorrow and see how they get on with the binos might take them another month thought knowing my luck.