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Thread: Bone saws

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    Bone saws

    I'm looking around at bone saws and a decent butchers saw is about 60. Has anyone used a Gerber saw - these seem nice and compact and only about 15?

    I'll only be using it for cutting through ribs.


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    I have one but the Sagen saw is much better.
    The Gerber tends to bind and get stuck,it does the job but not like the Sagen.

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    If its for use in the Larder, northern tool do proper butchers bone saws for about 15 to 20 (depending on size) plus postage..see:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete E
    If its for use in the Larder, northern tool do proper butchers bone saws for about 15 to 20 (depending on size) plus postage..see:
    It's more for out in the field so I'll prob get a Sagen, but I did see those northern tool bone saws, Pete - do you have one yourself? I was just a bit suspicious as they were a fraction of the price of everything else out there and didn't want to buy a bit of junk over the internet!

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    A friend bought a 12" version and it he seemed happy enough with it in that he never commented one way or the other.

    I have bought other stuff from them and its always been ok and they also have a good return policy if your not happy...

    For field use, I'd go with either the slightly longer Sagen II saw, or the pull saw David Stretton makes out of a butchers knife..I had one of these and it was excellent, but it went "walk about"..

    I currently use either the Gerber E-Z saw or a Gerber folding saw and agree that while they work, their teeth are not ideal and do clog somewhat.

    In truth I use them very little these days, as I don't split bones in the field if I can help it, prefering to use a proper butchers saw when I get back to the more hygienic conditions of the larder...



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    Bloody hell pete they look excellent value. Thanks for posting that. Been looking for one for ages.

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    Just be aware that while the blade is stainless steel, the frame of the saw is "chrome plated steel" according to the description.

    I've no idea how well that will hold up over time especially as blood and some of the sanitizing fluids used in a larder are a bit on the corrosive side...Having said that, for home use, I would imagine it would be fine.

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    Thanks Pete - sounds good enough for what I need, especially at that price.

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    I use one of the little Gerbers in the field for opening up chest cavities and it works fine. It does get a bit clogged though but still seems to function. Mine came in a pouch with a curved gut hook/skinning blade and they both live on the belt of my stalking trousers so I am never without the means of a gralloch!
    I still use a knife mainly though.
    For butchery I use a scobies saw which is excellent:
    The problem with the smaller saws like the 12" is that you don't seem to have enough blade to get a proper sawing action going, and end up continuosly battering the saw handle/frame against what you are trying to saw. The only bad point with the above saw is that the blade is made of a very good steel which never seems to blunt, but sadly isn't stainless and will rust if not washed and dried properly.

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    After making do with tenon saws and looking around in secondhand shops, I eventually bit the bullet and bought one of those; they are expensive but excellent quality. I should add that at the time i wasn;t aware of those from Northern Tools

    Of course, as soon as I bought the Scobies one, I ended up chatting to somebody who was a retired butcher and he gave me another slightly smaller one!

    I'm not sure of the size of the blade on the smaller one, it may be 12" or it could be 14", but I prefer it for the Roe and Muntjac I mostly do...Having said that, I can well imagine that on Fallow or Red, the bigger blade on the larger saw would work better...



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