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    night vision

    ive just had a baigish 5p 2nd generation nv scope given and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these, im going to put it on to a semi auto rimmy for rabbits ,any good? or how about a winchester style underlever
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    No idea what it is but it should have no problems on a rimmie at all. It may need an illuminator to pick up eyeshine.
    And it might be difficult to fit to an underlever as the ones i have seen haven't necessarily had a good means of connecting to.
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    HI Guys I use the starlight archer on my swarovski habicht mounted on my rem 700 22-250 with accuracy int stock fully adjustable stock for day and night shooting (stock extension when the archer is attached) used effectively for approx 3 years 228 foxes down 100% up to 200yds no problem great set up although a bit pricey at 2k for nightvision and stock only !!! Great set up tho.

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