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    which powder

    I have stuck with H4895 for all my rifles for some years now but the problem is getting hold of the powder locally and the vast increase in price so my question which powder would you recomend for 243.270.308.375 must be one powder to do all calibres i was thinking vihtourvri N140 or N160 but cant find any load data for N140 for the 270 so any ideas ?

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    I've found N560 very versatile, I've used it successfully in 6.5x55, .270, 7x57 and .300WM.

    I try to stick to Vit powders to avoid the US import problems that seem to crop up fairly regularly. Of the European manufacturers Vit seems the easiest to get hold of.

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    I don't know is my short answer. I was wedded to using one powder for a while, but it's not a strategy that has worked very well for me. As I write this evening, I have 3 different powders driving my 4 favourite bullets in my 260 Rem.

    Reviewing my failures to find a successful load for my recently sold 243, the one thing that jumps straight out of my reloading book is not trying enough different powders.

    To me, for a given rifle, a bullet I have picked and can buy again, brass of one brand and CCI 200 primers, powder must be one of the easiest things to change if my first choice powder doesn't work out. One of the advantages of the Hornady reloading manuals is that it's very easy to see which powders have the potential to perform for a given bullet weight. I look forward to reading other folk's comments.

    Regards JCS

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    How about H380? i dont know what part of the country you are in but are local shop always seems to be able to get his hands on H4895!

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    This is a poor thought process which I briefly indulged in. The powder is the cheapest part of the equation. You need at least two and maybe three powders available all the time. Why restrict yourself for the price of a tub of powder?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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