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    Thumbs up Park Cull with Jelen

    Hi All,

    Just a few thoughts on the Deer Culling course with Jelen which I attended back in Feb. Been a bit preoccupied with this and that so I couldnt get round to posting at the time. A pest controller by day I was keen to experience the other side of deer management, and as I expected it is a job which is taken seriously and carried out professionally. Dont get me wrong it was great fun aswell and very challenging despite what the critics say! You still have to locate the deer, you still have to stalk into them, and you are still faced with a challenging shot (headshots only remember). What you quickly realise is that hitting a target which has no idea you are there is a damn sight easier than hitting one which has been watching you for ages! Shots have to be taken from different stances not off a bipod on the bonnet! You are escorted by a guide, mine was 04Malc who was very patient and used his experience with park deer to get me into shooting positions time and time again, and the overall pattern of the day is that if you want to shoot then you shoot, if you want to practise your gralloching you can and if you want to work in the larder you can.Its all about what you want to get out of the day which makes it even better value for money!

    Well done to Mike and his team for providing an opportunity for the recreational stalker to experience the professional aspect of the sport and at the same time develop skills which we can use to be more professional when we go out at the weekend!

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    I agree any body who say's park culls are easy has not been on one. These are great days for the total novice through to some one who wants to get level two experience the guides can tailor the day to your experience and requirements plus there is as much larder work as one wants. a great day to be had.

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    Hi Patrick,
    Patience doesn't come into it, it was a pleasure guiding you around the park, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and gained an insight into park culling, it's certainly not like shooting fish in a barrel as many people seem to believe.
    We aim to ensure that all our clients leave us at the end of the day having met their expectations and in most cases exceeding them.
    I'm glad you had a great time and hope to see you again (next time we'll get you your Sika)
    All the best

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