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Thread: tikka t3 or sako finlite

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    tikka t3 or sako finlite

    been offerd a finlite today in very good nick, are they a lot better than a t3 as they seem to be a lot more money ?

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    what calibre, I have a 308 and it is very accurate.
    atb blue.

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    6.5x55 , very tempted

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    Buy a T3 and put the money you save into good quality glass for the top of it.

    ....also 6.5x55 would be my choice also.
    Vegetarian is an old Native American word meaning Bad Hunter

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    I have one and its light and very accurate, the action is as smooth as any and the saftey is a brill idea.
    add to it a double stack mag which can be loaded from the top while in the gun.
    and dedicated mounts

    buy it.

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    the one i looked at was a 75, is the 85 much different ?

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    not much
    mines a 75
    and a better stock
    did i mention the great trigger also?

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    the tikka t3 is a great bit of kit, but once youve had a sako you would never downgrade

    atb steve

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    Had both, the Sako is a notch above a Tikka, 6.5X55 75 Finnlight is a much sort after model, it is more than a T3 for a good reason, if the money will allow buy it.



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    I wouldn't be without mine.


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