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    Walk With The Dogs

    Took the dogs out for a wonder for an hour or two in the cooler air, took a few pick and videos. In the process of training my GWP Tod. Hes coming on great, stopping on the whistle, healing, and starting him off on some retrieving. The other two are my whippet and lakeland terrier.

    Here are the pics lads and ladies
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P2090064.JPG   P2090065.JPG   P2090066.JPG   P2090067.JPG   P2090068.JPG  

    P2090069.JPG   P2090070.JPG   P2090071.JPG   P2090072.JPG   P2090073.JPG  

    P2090074.JPG   P2090079.JPG   P2090080.JPG   P2090081.JPG   P2090084.JPG  

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