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Thread: 6x47 Lap

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    6x47 Lap


    Anyone got load data for the 6x47 ( not the 6.5x47 )

    I am considering an 8 twist this cal to shoot heavier pills

    I would like to know your experiences of best powder / bullet combinations.

    Accuracy and velocity's attained.

    Also what ia fair expectation on barrel life for the 6x47.

    Are there any downsides to consider - I Need a bit of advise from people with experience.


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    95gr Nosler BT H4350 40.3 gr 2960fps.0.3 inch groups. 105gr Berger hunting bullets N560, 41.7gr, 2920fps.0.25 inch groups .24 inch barrel .Had the chance to shoot at 600yards of bipods got 1.5inch group for three shots. It's a heavy sporter flute barrel. It's my stalking rifle. Going to try reloader 17. PM me if you wish. Love the rifle. Predator action, Bartlein barrel , jewel trigger.

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    use h4350 38.5g with 95 and 105 sierra mk.
    Heavy fluted tactical rifle ,I wanted a light recoil, mag fed rifle.Its accurate now but took some time to get there.
    Other guys I know are using the N550 but could not get it to work in mine.
    Barrel life should be slightly better than 243, less powder burn for same velocity.

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