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Thread: 8-10 gun safe

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    8-10 gun safe

    LookIng for a large gun cabinet that can store up to 8-10 rifles. Preferably with an internal bolt /ammo safe

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    Hi there, one of the guys in my club pointed out this for me, I've got something now, don't know if its still there. It's in Dundee so there'd be carriage to pay:
    This was in Saturdays Dundee Courier.

    The ad is as follows :- " Nine gun security cabinet, suitable for shotguns or rifles with scopes, size 60x24x12 in, fitted with double chubb locks and internal shelf. 175 o.n.o. Tel 07790 393396 after 6 p.m.

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    Keith, Field and Stream down in the Moy had big vault type safe's the last day I was in, probably 2 feet across and 16" deep. Look like the job. Can't remember the price, around 350 I seem to think.

    Getting a safe shipped over from the UK is not a cheap option.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    cheers brian, i guess that is where a wife who knows freight and transport inside out is always good

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    Handy! Did you get it?

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