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Thread: Bloody foxes!

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    Bloody foxes!

    Im so annoyed.

    I just went to put my chickens away and a bloody fox has killed all but one - and the poor bugger left alive was badly injured on its head so ive had to kill it.

    I know that being annoyed at a fox is pointless, because like them or loathe them - they have to eat too - what gets me is the bleeding heart liberals in my area who feed the damn things and encourage them to roam the area.

    I wish they could see the damage they do.

    Rant over.

    Chicken for Sunday lunch.


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    I bought my daughter twenty chickens a few years back so she could earn a few pounds pocket money. Would have been a good idea if I had not had to replace them at least twice. I just cant keep on top of the fox population.

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    No matter what you do, or how many foxes you get rid of - there will always be plenty around to take over a territory.

    The guy further on from me had 10 out of 12 geese killed this year too.

    Its a shame, people see a fox and think they are cute - and anyone anti foxes is seen as cruel.


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    one thing i luv most about you lot
    is you put food out for the fox , then moan when he eats it

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    Few people appreciate how well foxes can climb (particularly chicken-wire fencing), how well they can dig and how bloody determined they are. I keep chickens, and I have yet to lose one to Charlie. The generous use of Keepsafe fencing dug in with an L-shaped footing, electrical fencing tape and 87gr V-Max keeps the little ginger tossers at bay.

    Isn't there a common phrase 'kill one fox and 12 others will come to its funeral'?

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    Food for foxes

    Stone - many a true word spoken in jest and all that!

    It does feel like im providing a winter feeding service to them today I must admit.

    Baldrick - its an allotment near a built up area and I value my tickets too much to sort out the foxes, so no funeral! - but if I decide to get any more chickens, it'll be the chicken equivalent of fort knox to house them!


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    I think I have sussed it now though. Just acquired some of that anti climb fencing they put around building sites. Am hoping that stops the little buggers. Your right Stone I must have donated 50 or 60 to help the lovely things get a good start in life.

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    over the years we hav lost a few turkeys, geese , chickens , peafowl, wabbits ,ducks ,phessies... etc etc
    to these lovely looking creatures
    lost another muscovy last night
    revenge will be sweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baldrick
    Isn't there a common phrase 'kill one fox and 12 others will come to its funeral'?
    Nope, that's wasps mate. It actually works too. Apparently splatting a wasp causes it to release phemerones which attract all the others within scenting range. I understand the same thing applies to Man U supporters?

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    Well I reckon it must be true as we hung up a fox we shot on the fence, the brother in law reckoned would keep them away
    Did it bollox

    However what it did do was attract every fox in the district, most of which fell foul to my auto & some 3/4 brass No. 1's

    Not seen many for a while but the thing that did the most damage was not a fox but a feral polecat, the foxes kept nipping in and grabbing the odd chicken in the daytime, the bleedin polecat managed to get in the pen and killed 12 of them I shot it as it was trying to drag one of it's victims out through the hole it sqeezed itself through

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