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Thread: first clean

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    first clean

    yesterday i got a brand new browning t-bolt in .22lr and it says in the book that it comes with an anti-rust coating which needs to be cleaned off before this just a case of cleaning the barrel as i would a centre fire and wiping the bolt with some napier legia spray etc? cheers guys

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    as it is a .22 Winchester make some excellent bore cleaners to remove that first coating.
    40gn subsonics!

    that will be the only cleaner you may need in a .22

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    cheers bewsher, i thought that may be the case but it was just as it said to cleab before use that it made me think twice. do you know if the SAK mods are worth having etc? as it is i need to find a mod, rings and a scope too whack on it as well

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    I normally use car brake disc cleaner to remove an anti-rust coating.

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    You should clean it off,even just a run through with a bronze brush.

    I have been told that it cooks in the rifling and can affect accuracy in the future *allegedly*, I'm not convinced it can cause permanent damage but it doesn't hurt to give a pull through.

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    ok cheers guys.....ill give it a quick scrub this evening then, like you say it cant hurt really can it and its prob the only one its going to get hahaha

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    Hmmm surely one cleans any rifle new or not that one has just acquired. Both inside and out just seems to be common sense normal practice but obviously I thought wrong .

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    I did indeed end up cleaning it and hopefully within the month I will proceed to make it dirty again :-)

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    You need to clean any oils or presserving grease from all barrels or it could result in a ring bulge.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I did clean it in the end I gave it a good few passes with patches and bore solvent and dry patches

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